A new study by employer review site Glassdoor holds some surprises about the candidates who most often use mobile devices to search for jobs and the kinds of positions they’re applying for.

Glassdoor analyzed the data of 12 million U.S. job seekers from April to October 2018 to understand their demographics and job-search and application patterns. The study provides a detailed look at who is searching for and applying to jobs from their mobile phones, what jobs they’re most attracted to, and how candidates are impacted by the ease—or difficulty—of the online job-application process.

Not unsurprisingly, the study found that the number of job seekers across all age groups using mobile devices to search for jobs continues to grow. Almost 60 percent of Glassdoor users are now looking on their phones for jobs. But other study findings are counterintuitive and can help recruiters shape mobile communication strategies.

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