When I was a graduate student instructor, students wanted more from me than just knowledge of the course material. They came to my office hours asking about everything from budgeting to finding an internship to interviewing for their dream jobs. They trusted me as an authority, as many students trust their instructors. It’s unsurprising, then, that now that this season for job seeking has rolled around, students will once again look to instructors for advice — as they will next year and in years to come.

Currently, as a career adviser at a liberal arts college, I of course encourage faculty members to recommend the career services office to their students. Even better, if class time permits, I suggest that they invite career services representatives to visit their classroom. This advice may come a bit too late for you for this year, but I suggest you keep it in mind for the future. I can cover a lot of ground walking students through the essential steps for an effective job search in just 15 minutes. (But I’ll always take more!) The best classroom visits are those where the instructor and I together connect the course material to career questions students have.

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